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Migration, Mill Work, and Portuguese Communities in New England

North Dartmouth: Tagus Press, 2024

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This Pilgrim Nation: The Making of the Portuguese Diaspora in Postwar North America, by Gilberto Fernandes. Review.

American Historical Review (March 2022) 127, 1:990-02 

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Working the Land: Cape Verdean Immigrant Agricultural Communities in Southeastern New England (Early-Mid Twentieth Century)

Claire T. Carney Archives and Special Collections, UMass Dartmouth, Mass Humanities Council “Expand Massachusetts Stories.” (January 2023)  


The Day of Portugal and Portuguese Heritage, Social Exclusion, and Imagined Mobilities: Legacies of Racialized Migrant Industrial Labor in Contemporary New England

Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies, Vol 33 (March 2021) [Ocean Crossings, ed André Novoa, N. Dartmouth: Tagus Press], 95-153

The Shadow Minority. Portuguese and Lusophone Racial and Ethnic Identity in North America 

In Community, Culture and the Makings of Identity.
Edited by Andrea Klimt and Kim Holton, 409-30. North Dartmouth: Tagus Press, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, 2009


Reckoning with Race & Social Inequalities through the Migrant Communities Project: Citizen Scientist/ Community Scholar and Service Learning Methodological Model

Trabalhos de Antropologia e Etnologia. Autonomia ou complementaridade? Metodologias [da antropologia e da história] para o estudo da intolerância [racial, social, política e religiosa]). 63 (2023): 219-245

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Political Activism and Migrants from Portugal in New England Industrial Mill Communities (pre-World War II): Labor Organization and Voluntary Association Collaboration in the Movement to Americanize the Immigrant.

In Migration, Mill Work, and Portuguese Communities in New England. Edited by C.Bastos, B Feldman-Bianco, and M. Moniz.  North Dartmouth: Tagus Press, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, 2024

Adaptive Transnational Identity and the Selling of Soccer: The New England Revolution and Lusophone Migrant Populations

Soccer and Society 8, 4 (October 2007):459-77; Printed in Globalised Football. Edited by NC Tiesler and JN Coelho, London and New York: Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2008

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The Emergence of Fanfarra Brass Bands in Portugal (1990s to Present): Associativism, Local Activism, and Trans-Local Cultural Production

In Our Music/Our World: Wind Bands and Local Social Life. Edited by Maria do Rosário Pestana, André Granjo, Damien François Sagrillo and Gloria Rodriguez Lorenzo, 349-400. Lisboa: Edições Colibri, 2020

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Adapting Cultural Vocabularies for Protest: Fanfarra Brass Bands, Associativism, and Activist Marchas Populares in Portugal

In Festival Activism (Activist Encounters in Folklore and Ethnomusicology Series). Edited by David A. McDonald, Jeremy Reed, and Andrew Snyder. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

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Fanfarras em Portugal: Associativismo, Ativismo Local e Compromisso Global

In Cartografias Relacionais: Estudos Sobre Fazer-Música no Contexto do Associativismo. Edited by Maria do Rosário Pestana. Lisboa: Colibri 

Mala de Sonhos João de Brito.png

Confronting the Migrant Challenge: Professional, Linguistic, Social, and Cultural Obstacles

Capelinhos: a Volcano of Synergies. Edited by Tony Goulart, 121-130. San Jose, California: Portuguese Heritage Publications, 2008

making malassadas.png

Making "Malassadas" a documentary short film

2020, Directed by Miguel Moniz USA 5:37 
“Ritual, Etnicidade, Transnacionalismo: as Festas do Espírito Santo na América do Norte” (Portuguese National Science Foundation [FCT] project)  

Azorean Identity in Brazil and the United States: Arguments about History, Culture and Transnational Connections, João Leal. Review.

Portuguese Journal of Social Science. 13, 3: 350-353

Deportado  Nathalie Mansoux poster.jpg

Deportado, 2012. (Academic Consultant and Translator)

A film by Nathalie Mansoux, Terratreme (Portugal)

Um Último Verdadeiro Gentleman

In Era Uma Vez o seu Tempo. Edited by Leonor Simas-Almeida, Maria João Ruivo Sousa & Onésimo Teotonio Almeida, 109-114. Ponta Delgada: Instituto Cultural de Ponta Delgada

The Last True Gentleman. Recollecting Fernando Aires

RTP Açores, "Comunidades"
November 11, 2010

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Enfrentando Desafios: Obstáculos à Integração Profissional, Linguística Social e Cultural

As Sinergias de um Vulcão. Edited by Tony Goulart, 91-97. San Jose, California: Portuguese Heritage Publications, 2008

mid atlantic margins archipelago of authors.jpg

An Archipelago of Authors: an Annotated Bibliography of (Some) Azorean Literature

Lusophone Studies, 5 (2007), 151-219; Printed in Mid-Atlantic Margins, Transatlantic Identites: Azorean literature in Context. edited by John Kinsella and Carmen Ramos Villar. University of Bristol, 2007

Identidade Transnacional e a Venda do Soccer: The New England Revolution e as Populações Migratoriós Lusófonos

Analise Social, XLI [179] (2006), 371-393


Exiled Home: Criminal Forced Return Migration and Adaptive Transnational Identity, the Azores Example

PhD Dissertation. Department of Anthropology, Brown University, 2004

Azores WBS cover.jpg

Azores, World Bibliographical Series (excerpt)
[Introduction. Historical and cultural overview of the Azores.]

Oxford: Clio Press, 1999

Fox point sweep.jpg

Tradition and Change in Fox Point

Portuguese Spinner. Edited by Marsha L. Mccabe & Joe Thomas, 178-185. New Bedford, MA: Spinner Publications, 1999

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