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Miguel Moniz, is from an Azorean and Cape Verdean migrant strawberry farming community on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and has also lived Providence, RI, Fall River, MA and in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. On the Cape, Moniz worked laying concrete foundations in his family's masonry business, and held a number of other jobs between New York City and Boston, including as a security guard, a retail worker in a couple of box stores, a financial management consultant, a staff writer on a magazine, a design and publications editor at a computer start-up company, and as a bartender, waiter, line cook and etc. in the restaurant and service industry. An anthropologist (AM, PhD, Brown) by profession, Moniz lived in the Azores for much of a five year span (the bulk of the time on his family's island of São Miguel) and moved to Lisbon in 2005 after winning a research fellowship from the Portuguese National Science Foundation (FCT). He is currently a Senior Researcher at CRIA (Center for Anthropological Study-ISCTE/IUL) and a Professor Auxiliar in the Department of Anthropology at the Instituto Universitário de Lisboa. 



• Translocal and transnational migration from cultural, political and legal perspectives

• Migration in the Americas (specialty in Diaspora of Portuguese-speaking populations)

• Forced migration and transnational displacement; deportation; return migration

• Race and Ethnicity (legal, political and socio-cultural perspectives)

• Portuguese speaking geographies (nationalism, politics, Race, Ethnicity and migration

• Lusophone transnational  research

• Critical approaches to the state and nationalism

• Political and cultural issues among Azores/Portugal/the US

• Ethnomusicological approaches to community building and belonging; migration, social change and history

• Anthropological approaches to sport with a specialty in migration and futebol

• Applied anthropology in legal discrimination and humanitarian contexts

• Ethnohistory and application of anthropological approaches to literature

• Bibliology of the Azores and the atlantic

• Material culture (socio-religious/socio-ethnic feasts)

• Documentary films and anthropology

PhD and AM Anthropology

Brown University

Providence, RI

BA Anthropology & BA English

Wesleyan University

Middletown, CT

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