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The Day of Portugal and Portuguese Heritage, Social Exclusion, and Imagined Mobilities: legacies of racialized migrant industrial labor in contemporary New England.

2021. Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies, Vol 33 (March 2021) [Ocean Crossings, ed André Novoa, N. Dartmouth: Tagus Press], pp. 95-153.

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The Emergence of Fanfarra Brass Bands in Portugal (1990s to present): associativism, local activism and trans-local cultural production

2020. Our Music/Our World: Wind Bands and Local Social Life. Maria do Rosário Pestana, André Granjo, Damien François Sagrillo and Gloria Rodriguez Lorenzo. Lisboa: Edições Colibri, pp. 349-400.

Selected published poetry

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Fanfarras em Portugal: associativismo, ativismo local e compromisso global. [Fanfarra Brass Walking Bands in Portugal. Associativism, local activism and global engagement].

2021. Cartografias Relacionais: Estudos sobre fazer-música no contexto do associativismo, ed. Maria do Rosário Pestana. Lisboa: Colibri, 2021

In press

2014 "Azorean Identity in Brazil and the United States: Arguments about history, culture and transnational connections, João Leal." Portuguese Journal of Social Science. Vol 13, no 3: p 350-353.

2011 "Um Último Verdadeiro Gentleman." Era Uma Vez o seu Tempo. Edited by Leonor Simas-Almeida, Maria João Ruivo Sousa & Onésimo Teotonio Almeida. Ponta Delgada: Instituto Cultural de Ponta Delgada. p 109-114.

2009   "The Shadow Minority. An ethno-history of Portuguese and lusophone racial identity in North America." Community, Culture and the Makings of Identity: Portuguese-Americans along the eastern seaboard. Andrea Klimt and Kimberly da Costa Holton, eds. University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, Portuguese in the Americas Series. pp. 409-430.

2008 "Confronting the Migrant Challenge: professional, linguistic, social and cultural obstacles to integration." Capelinhos: a Volcano of synergies. Tony Goulart, ed. San Jose, California: Portuguese Heritage Publications.

2008  "Enfrentando Desafios: Obstáculos à integração profissional, linguística social e cultural." Capelinhos: as Sinergias de um vulcão. Tony Goulart, ed. San Jose, California: Portuguese Heritage Publications.

2007 "An Archipelago of Authors: an annotated bibliography of (some) Azorean literature." Mid-Atlantic Margins, Transatlantic Identites: Azorean literature in context. John Kinsella and Carmen Ramos Villar eds. (Special edition of Lusophone Studies, no 3. 2006) pp 151-219.

2006 Identidade transnacional e a venda do soccer: The New England Revolution e as Populações Migratoriós Lusófonos. In O Futebol Globalisado. Special issue of Analise Social, vol. XLI (179).

2004  Exiled Home: criminal forced return migration and adaptive transnational identity, the Azores example. PhD Dissertation. Department of Anthropology, Brown University.

1998 "Tradition and Change in Fox Point." Portuguese Spinner. Marsha L. Mccabe & Joe Thomas, eds. New Bedford, MA: Spinner Publications.

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The Last True Gentleman. Recollecting Fernando Aires, Once Upon a Time...