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Some Links to Public Talks, interviews and press about projects 


Farmers, Founders, and Political Activism:
The Portuguese and Cape Verdean Agricultural Community of Falmouth and the Upper Cape
New Bedford Whaling Museum
Portuguese and Lusophone-World Lecture Series 

Recording of inaugural 2022 lecture. How did agricultural communities of Portuguese and Cape Verdean immigrants on Cape Cod differ from their industry mill counterparts? This early 20th century New England immigrant agricultural community history challenges misconceptions about political participation, entrepreneurism, and activism.

Presented February 24, 2022.

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The Cape Cod Festival of Strawberries, 1951
Part IV: Rituals and Festivals: Cape Verdean, Portuguese & other Immigrant Place-Making Celebrations. 

Migrant Communities Project/Falmouth Public Library lecture series. 

Recorded lecture about the history of the incredible and fantastic mess that was the 1951 Cape Cod Festival of Strawberries in Falmouth, MA and how it was saved by Portuguese and Cape Verdean immigrants. Presented June 29, 2021.

Still sociedade civil.png

Sociedade Civil episódio 155: Estados Unidos
RTP, Portugal. 

Entrevista gravada para o programa da RTP Sociedade Civil comparando os sistemas de ensino universitário nos Estados Unidos e em Portugal.

Original air date November 1, 2021.

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Fulbright Alumni Series Talk: Creating ‘Black’ and ‘White’ Portuguese in the U.S.: Some Notes on Racial Inequalities and the Fight for Multicultural Democracy”
Fulbright Foundation, Portugal. 

Recorded talk of an invited Fulbright lecture discussing the emergence of the so-called "Black" and "White" Portuguese categories in US Race discourse in the early 20th century and its contemporary implications. Presented June 29, 2021.

Vida Luso-Americana (com Helena DaSilva Hughes) convida Miguel Moniz
The Portuguese Channel, New Bedford, MA Syndicated

Helena DaSilva Hughes fala com o antropólogo Miguel Moniz.

First Aired on June 18, 2021 


Recorded conference: Falmouth Forum on Opioids and Overdose
Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) on Opioids and Overdose (RI Hospital)

Organized by the COBRE on Opioids and Overdose Migrant Communities Project initiative directed by Miguel Moniz, and co sponsored by Cape Cod Cape Verdean Museum and Cultural Center, the Cape Verdean Club of Falmouth, and the Portuguese American Association of Falmouth.


Virtual forum to tackle local opioid crisis, weigh in on Portugal’s drug approach
Herald News/O Jornal (Fall River)

After a year of increased opioid overdose deaths in Massachusetts, first responders, healthcare workers, policy makers, law enforcement, researchers and other community shareholders will come together June 5 in a virtual “Falmouth Forum on Opioids and Overdose” to discuss and educate the public about innovative approaches to help ameliorate the effects of this crisis and related policies.

Diario de noticias.jpeg

Nas Campanhas pelo Voto Luso-americano, os Políticos Comem Muito Bacalhau. Entrevista a Miguel Moniz

Diário de Notícias (Lisbon)

Nascido no Massachusetts, o antropólogo Miguel Moniz é investigador do CRIA-ISCTE/IUL, em Lisboa, e da Brown University, em Providence, e nesta entrevista desmistifica a ideia de que todos os portugueses na América lá chegaram em barcos baleeiros ou que a comunidade tem estado pouco envolvida nas lutas políticas e sociais. Acredita também na força de umas relações EUA-Portugal baseadas nos princípios democráticos, respeito pelos direitos humanos e igualdade social....

making malassadas.png

Making "Malassadas"
A documentary short film by Miguel Moniz (2020) 5:37

Documentary film about the immigrant malassada crew at the Nossa Senhora do Rosário Church in Fox Point, Providence, RI. Video was shot in 2012 during research for the Portuguese National Science Foundation (FCT)  project  “Ritual, Etnicidade, Transnacionalismo: as Festas do Espírito Santo na América do Norte.” 

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miguel moniz interview gloria sa.jpg
logo CapeCodMuseum_305153340078957.jpeg
Miguel Moniz gloria sa interview.jpg

Portuguese Drug Model to be Discussed at RI Expert Conference

The Herald News / O Jornal  (Fall River)

Can Portugal's Success decriminalizing drug addiction help improve the opiod crisis in Rhode Island? That's a question a panel composed of several policy makers, healthcare, and legal experts will try to answer on March 12 at a unique conference to be held at the Amigos da Terceira in Pawtucket. Presented by the Cobre on Opioids and Overdose....

Entrevista com o Dr. Miguel Moniz, conversa com Irene Amaral. Radio Interview on the COBRE on Opioids and Overdose "Portuguese Model" initiative

WJFD, 97.3  FM (New Bedford) 

Miguel Moniz conversa com Irene de Amaral sobre a iniciativa que pretende alterar a forma como o estado lida com os toxicodependentes, o que já levou muitos portugueses a serem deportados.

Recorded talk: UMass Dartmouth Speaker Series - Eulalia Mendes: The Life Behind a Legacy feat. Dr. Miguel Moniz

Ferreira Mendes Portuguese American Archives and Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture, Dartmouth Community TV

Deported in 1952, Eula Mendes (Gouveia, Portugal) organized Portuguese ind-ustrial migrant workers participation in New Bedford, Massachusetts and the Northeast. Arrested several times during the New Bedford Textile Mill Workers strike, she was also blackballed from working in the mills. This talk highlights the role of migrant labor organizers in the industrial workers movement.  

Eula Mendes: The life behind a legacy of migrant labor activism & O legado de uma vida dedicada ao activismo sindical. 

Fall River Herald / O Jornal  

Dr. Miguel Moniz, a visiting professor at Brown University, looks at the life of Portuguese immigrant Eulalia “Eula” Mendes, who was 18 at the time of the 1928 New Bedford Textile Workers Strike, became a key figure in — and ultimately a martyr of — the fight for not only workers but also for migrant civic rights....

Recorded talk: Creole Cosmopolitanism in a Cape Cod Town?
Some notes about migrants, conviviality and conflict 

Woods Hole Historical Museum, Falmouth, MA 

This talk will explore histories of conflict and cooperation in Falmouth after the arrival of 2000 migrants from Portugal in the early 1900s, through continued waves of migration examining the work of migrants from Portugal in agriculture, domestic work and manual labor, and complex racial identities.

Portuguese, Azorean, Cape Verdean History Program

Enterprise (Falmouth / Cape Cod , MA)

The history of the Portuguese, Azorean and Cape Verdean migrant community of Falmouth is the focus of  “From Field to Town” a program that includes site visits and discussions with scholars, researchers and residents exploring settlement and contemporary issues among waves of migrants and descendants from Portuguese-speaking regions to Falmouth....

Gloria de Sá interviews UMass Dartmouth Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture Visiting Scholar, Miguel Moniz

University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth CPSC and the Ferreira Mendes Portuguese American Archives, Claire T Carney Library

Conversation with Helio and Amelia Pedroso/FLAD Visiting Professor Miguel Moniz (University of Lisbon, Instituto of Social Sciences) about migrant community civic, social, and recreational associations, the racialization of migrant labor and migrant labor activism. 

December 07, 2017

The Portuguese immigrant experience in Southeastern Massachusetts will be the topic of a four-day international, multi-site traveling, academic conference...

December 06, 2017

conferência internacional reúne esta semana em Massachusetts, nos EUA, dezenas de especialistas e interessados em debater o trabalho fabril dos imigrantes portugueses...

December 03, 2017

"Conversas que importam" Com o Dr. Miguel Moniz, Universidade de Lisboa.
Um programa de Irene de Amaral, 3 Dezembro 2017.

November 25, 2017

convened by Cristiana Bastos and Miguel Moniz and organized by Miguel Moniz, as a part of the ERC Advanced Grant The Color of Labor...

January 21, 2011

Miguel Moniz é doutorado em antropologia pela Universidade de Brown, EUA e tem formação anterior em literatura e antropologia. Como interesses de investigação tem-se dedicado à emigração e identidade racial dos portugueses nos EUA, rituais religiosos dos emigrantes açorianos, portugueses deportados, retorno dos emigrantes e transnacional...

November 11, 2008

São 1.176.615 portugueses e descendentes de portugueses. Alguns criaram um mundo entre
a América e Portugal. Há 50 anos, o vulcão dos Capelinhos impulsionou uma grande vaga....

September 24, 2006

The Portuguese stuck together out of necessity in a sometimes unwelcoming America, maintaining and extending family and social ties...

June 08, 2006

160 ethnicities represented in the Boston area, and these groups have long been closely following the World Cup. But only a few teams will bring celebrating fans into the streets...

August 09, 2004

At a time when Portuguese immigration has nearly halted, observers point out that with no incentive to keep the language alive...

A Dragon Grows up—Inside Chico State

Anthropologist Miguel Moniz says US Patriot Act took pointers from earlier immigration laws...

Professor: So long, civil rights—Chico News and Review

In a one-hour speech attended by about 150 people, anthropologist Miguel Moniz gave a startling account of how changes in U.S. immigration policy over the last 15 years have curtailed the rights...

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