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December 07, 2017

The Portuguese immigrant experience in Southeastern Massachusetts will be the topic of a four-day international, multi-site traveling, academic conference...

December 06, 2017

conferência internacional reúne esta semana em Massachusetts, nos EUA, dezenas de especialistas e interessados em debater o trabalho fabril dos imigrantes portugueses...

December 03, 2017

"Conversas que importam" Com o Dr. Miguel Moniz, Universidade de Lisboa.
Um programa de Irene de Amaral, 3 Dezembro 2017.

November 25, 2017

convened by Cristiana Bastos and Miguel Moniz and organized by Miguel Moniz, as a part of the ERC Advanced Grant The Color of Labor...

January 21, 2011

Miguel Moniz é doutorado em antropologia pela Universidade de Brown, EUA e tem formação anterior em literatura e antropologia. Como interesses de investigação tem-se dedicado à emigração e identidade racial dos portugueses nos EUA, rituais religiosos dos emigrantes açorianos, portugueses deportados, retorno dos emigrantes e transnacional...

November 11, 2008

São 1.176.615 portugueses e descendentes de portugueses. Alguns criaram um mundo entre
a América e Portugal. Há 50 anos, o vulcão dos Capelinhos impulsionou uma grande vaga....

September 24, 2006

The Portuguese stuck together out of necessity in a sometimes unwelcoming America, maintaining and extending family and social ties...

June 08, 2006

160 ethnicities represented in the Boston area, and these groups have long been closely following the World Cup. But only a few teams will bring celebrating fans into the streets...

August 09, 2004

At a time when Portuguese immigration has nearly halted, observers point out that with no incentive to keep the language alive...

A Dragon Grows up—Inside Chico State

Anthropologist Miguel Moniz says US Patriot Act took pointers from earlier immigration laws...

Professor: So long, civil rights—Chico News and Review

In a one-hour speech attended by about 150 people, anthropologist Miguel Moniz gave a startling account of how changes in U.S. immigration policy over the last 15 years have curtailed the rights...

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